The iGaming Customer Experience Awards

The only online casino & betting awards which are solely based on comprehensive surveying of thousands of customers

Because there’re no better judges than real players

What is the IGCXA?

An independent award series built on survey data

As a new player, it can be a daunting task to pick the right site to deposit your hard-earned money on. There’re countless of bookmakers and casinos to choose from and there’re equally as many review sites keen on guiding you to their recommended partners. Unfortunately, these recommendations are often heavily influenced by the deals between the casino and the partner website: the better the referral deal; the more positive the review.

IGCXA is an award series without any affiliation or deals with the casinos. We don’t recommend or link to any sites. We simply share data on what thousands of customers think about their experience with various gambling sites holding a local license to operate in your country.

  • The awards are based on ratings by real customers
  • Each regulated European market has its own set of awards, due to different competitive landscapes
  • In every market, the awards are based on survey data from thousands of customers

  • The survey collects detailed data about the satisfaction with the entire customer journey from depositing and verifying the account to playing and withdrawing

  • More than 10 awards per market, each focused on a different part of the customer journey

The history of awards in iGaming

An inflation in awards and lack of integrity

During the past 10 years we’ve seen a significant increase in award shows in the iGaming industry, with hundreds of awards handed out every year.

What these awards all have in common is a flawed process with little to no data involved. In the worst cases, you can even buy awards by sponsoring events or buying expensive tables at the award ceremonies. The biggest award shows require the operators to send in formal nominations which are then reviewed and judged by a small group of “industry experts” who will decide on the winner. There is a lot secrecy with little information shared about the process, nominations and most importantly the reasoning behind the decisions. The organizers are more eager to tell about champagne welcome drinks, the excellent food and just how fun the afterparty is.

At IGCXA we’re taking a very different approach. We do not host any award ceremonies. We do not have any influence on the outcome and neither do any “industry experts” – only real players are judges; and we ask thousands of them.

So how can we afford such expensive quantitative research required for this data-driven award series? We are owned by, a company specializing in survey research in the iGaming industry, and we tap into existing data for these awards.

Awards 2023

The United Kingdom IGCXA winners will be announced April 10th 2023

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